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Commission Status: Closed


Updated 4/30/2022

These rules apply to anyone who wishes to use my fanart, or purchases a design or commission from me. If it is a design for someone else's species, the species TOS will supercede any of my rules in the event of conflicts.


- Reposting/Reuploading publicly on a different platform is not allowed (i.e. a new tweet, a new post, etc.).
- Downloading and using for personal use is fine (wallpapers, etc.)
- Using as your banners/icons is fine (although direct credit to one of my socials is appreciated!)
- Don't take credit for my work or turn it into an NFT


- Artwork you receive from me, be it through trade or directly buying it from me, grants you PERSONAL USE of your digital copy. You may in NO WAY make a profit off my work. (Making merch for your own use is ok, e.g. stickers.)
- Commercial usage is priced at cost x 3; if this isn't requested when you commission the artwork from me, you do not have permission to use my art for commercial use.
- You may not use my artwork for an NFT, even if you have purchased commercial usage.
- Slight edits/color/hue adjustments are fine.
- I will do free revisions in the sketch stage. Once the artwork is complete, I will do 2x minor revisions for free. Any more after that, along with any major revisions, will incur an additional fee.
- Refunds are ok up until I begin working on the lines. At that point, any refund will be limited to the following percentages:
- Lining complete: 50%
- Color complete: 25%
- I will send WIPs if requested. In some cases, for smaller pieces with less steps, I will not send WIPs by default. For larger pieces, I only will send a WIP of the sketch unless you specifically request more.
- I reserve the right to use my artwork for advertisement.
- Payment is made via paypal, or ko-fi only.
- If your commission is time sensitive, please let me know! I can be accommodating as long as it is within reason and my schedule allows it (although a deadline of < 1 month may incur an additional charge). Otherwise, I am under the assumption that I am to work at my own pace on any and all commissions.
- If a turnaround time is included in my advertisement, I will abide by it in 99% of cases. In case I do not, you are free to request a 100% refund.



- You may resell a design you purchased from me, or from someone else.
- Vouchers will be treated the same as resales.
- You may resell a design you purchased from me for any type of in-game currency, for money. Just be reasonable in your conversion.
- You may trade designs for other designs and/or art.
- Regifting a design is allowed as long as you are aware of the rules of gifting, listed below:
- You may not demand a gifted design back.
- You may not sell you received in a gift, only trade it, return to whom you got it from, or gift it again. (Unless you've acquired or drawn additional art for it, in which case you may also resell it for the worth of the art).
- Once a design is traded/resold/gifted, it no longer belongs to you. You cannot demand it back.


- Do not turn it into an NFT.
- Do not charge extra money for artwork gifted to you.
- Do not charge more for a resale than what you originally paid (excluding any additional commissions purchased, or art you drew for an appropriate associated price).
- To clarify the previous statement: you can resell a traded design for the amount you paid initially for it. That means if you spent 30$ on the initial design, traded it for a 60$ design, you're still able to resell it for the original 30$. However, you cannot resell it for the higher price (without additional art/etc.)


- Large edits, to the point where the character is no longer recognizable, are not allowed.
- Smaller edits (such as a hairstyle, small pattern changes, hue shifts, selective color changes, etc) do not require approval, but running it by me is appreciated.
- Changes to my artwork for small edits, added outfits, or for personal use to get an idea of the changed design are OK, but please keep the original design in the gallery.
- For my closed species, trait edits (adding more, changing a trait to another one within the same rarity) are NOT allowed (unless obtained, whether through purchase or an event, an additional trait rarity). Removal of traits, or downgrading a trait to a lower rarity is okay, but please run it by me so that the masterlist may be updated.


- Commercial use is generally not allowed, unless discussed with me beforehand, and will be calculated as the cost x 3.
- You may make charms/shirts/prints/business cards/post cards/merchandise for self-advertisement that include a design you purchased, as long as they are made in limited quantity and it is your own art, or art purchased from another user with explicit permission to have their art printed.


- You may re-post artwork that you've received and display them as your own, but please watermark all work properly to prevent the work from being stolen. My unwatermarked work is given to buyers to provide a clear reference for commissioners and be for private use only.


- Publicised art of my designs that includes subjects such as: underage sexual content, hate speech and racism towards real live races will NOT be tolerated and you will be warned and blacklisted.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning. Repeat offenders WILL be blocked and blacklisted.


newest >>> oldest



full render




Will draw

  • Males/Females (although I'm better with males)

  • Humans/Anthros

  • Ferals (Icon only)

  • Fanart

  • Weapons/Pets/Props

  • Very intricate patterns on clothing (will be simplified)

  • Backgrounds

Won't draw

  • Mechs

  • Working from description

  • Custom characters

  • NSFW


  • ~1000 x 1000px @ 300 dpi

  • Chibi style head

  • Comes with free detailed background

  • One character only

TypeStarts at


  • Fixed line size @ 300 dpi

  • Clean lineart, clean shading

  • Up to two characters

TypeStarts at
Small (1000 x 1000px)$30
Large (2500 x 2500px)$40

Full render

  • Fullbody ~4000 x 4000px @ 300 dpi

  • Clean lineart, clean shading

  • Up to two characters

TypeStarts at


  • Fullbody ~ 4000 x 4000px @ 300dpi

  • Painted lines, painted shading

  • Multiple characters OK

TypeStarts at

+ background

  • Addition to any other category

TypeStarts at
Solid color/GradientFree

Available Slots

up to two pieces per slot, one slot per person

  • Taken

  • Closed

  • Closed

Please fill out the form linked below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. (This form will only be open when my commissions are open.)


For any questions, please send me a message, either through this contact form or through any of my socials. If you're looking for something specific I don't have listed, feel free to ask me directly about it!